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Best of the week (06.07.2015-12.07.2015)

www.cssnewbie.com/12-creative-effects-css3-box-shadows/ – 12 Creative Effects Created using CSS3 Box Shadows

tympanus.net/Development/ImageTiltEffect – Image Tilt Effect

codepen.io/ksksoft/pen/OPKQBP – Pure css parallax scroll effect

codepen.io/chriseisenbraun/pen/upmDB – css text shadow

codepen.io/carpenumidium/pen/hHjEJ – animated „text-shadow“ patern

brianium.github.io/watermarkjs – watermark images in the browser

www.jqueryscript.net/Fullscreen-Mobile-Navigation-Menu-with-jQuery-CSS3 – Fullscreen Mobile Navigation Menu

Best of the week (16.03.2015-22.03.2015)

designposts.net/jquery-mobile-plugins – 25 Exciting Free jQuery Mobile Plugins for 2015

fusionplate.com/26-free-jquery-css3-navigation-menu-plugins – 26 Free jQuery CSS3 Navigation Menu Plugins

tympanus.net/codrops/create-animated-text-fills – A tutorial on how to create various types of (animated) fills and strokes for text using different techniques including CSS and SVG.

zachstronaut.github.io/quintessential-css-cube – Quintessential Responsive 3D CSS Cube Examples

www.noupe.com/design-trends-in-responsive-navigation-best-practices-2015.html – Design Trends in Responsive Navigation: Best Practices 2015

Най-доброто от седмицата (23.02.2015-01.03.2015)

github.com/frontend-guidelines – Frontend Guidelines
shouldiprefix.com – What CSS to prefix?
w3layouts.com/css3-link-hover-effects – Demo Css3 Link Hover Effects
www.webdesignerdepot.com/3-cool-css3-image-hover-effects – 3 cool CSS3 image hover effects
www.devbattles.com/16+CSS3+Selectors+You+Should+Know – 16 CSS3 Selectors You Should Know

css-tricks.com/css-font-size – px – em – % – pt – keyword
css-tricks.com/why-ems – Why Ems?
www.impressivewebs.com/understanding-em-units-css – Understanding em Units in CSS

Най-доброто от седмицата (02.02.2015-08.02.2015)

www.cssauthor.com/free-wordpress-themes-january-2015 – 55+ Best Free WordPress Themes – January 2015

flickity.metafizzy.co – Flickity – Touch, responsive, flickable galleries

git.blivesta.com/animsition – Animsition – A simple and easy jQuery plugin for CSS animated page transitions.

css-tricks.com/gooey-effect – Gooey Menu – Using CSS and SVG Filters

codeboxers.com – tutorials for developers

Най-доброто от седмицата (26.01.2015-01.02.2015)

webdesign.tutsplus.com/css-level-4-selectors-to-watch-out-for – CSS Level 4 Selectors to Watch Out For

css-tricks.com/tour-performant-responsive-css-site – Tour of a Performant and Responsive CSS Only Site

premium.wpmudev.org/removing-category-base-urls-wordpress – Removing the Category Base from Your URLs in WordPress

wordpress.stackexchange.com/remove-the-blog-slug-from-wordpress-multisite-root-node – Remove the blog slug from WordPress Multisite root node

www.humavox.com – site inspiration

fontfabric.com/perfograma-free-font – Perfograma free font

www.behance.net/desonanz-free-font – desonanz – free font

web-advice.net/bg/ux – Потребителско преживяване и скорост на сайт