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www.cssauthor.com/free-wordpress-themes-january-2015 – 55+ Best Free WordPress Themes – January 2015

flickity.metafizzy.co – Flickity – Touch, responsive, flickable galleries

git.blivesta.com/animsition – Animsition – A simple and easy jQuery plugin for CSS animated page transitions.

css-tricks.com/gooey-effect – Gooey Menu – Using CSS and SVG Filters

codeboxers.com – tutorials for developers

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webdesign.tutsplus.com/css-level-4-selectors-to-watch-out-for – CSS Level 4 Selectors to Watch Out For

css-tricks.com/tour-performant-responsive-css-site – Tour of a Performant and Responsive CSS Only Site

premium.wpmudev.org/removing-category-base-urls-wordpress – Removing the Category Base from Your URLs in WordPress

wordpress.stackexchange.com/remove-the-blog-slug-from-wordpress-multisite-root-node – Remove the blog slug from WordPress Multisite root node

www.humavox.com – site inspiration

fontfabric.com/perfograma-free-font – Perfograma free font

www.behance.net/desonanz-free-font – desonanz – free font

web-advice.net/bg/ux – Потребителско преживяване и скорост на сайт

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www.wpbeginner.com/how-to-add-facebook-like-button-in-wordpress – How to Add Facebook Like Button in WordPress

www.graphicsfuel.com/10-free-subtle-grunge-textures – 10 Free Subtle Grunge Textures

codepen.io/paulnoble/pen/OPXBzB – Add some depth to page titles with CSS3 ‘SkewY’ transform and optional JS hover

line25.com/articles/line25-sites-of-the-year-the-best-designs-of-2014 – Line25.com Sites of the Year: The Best Designs of 2014

www.linkedin.com/pulse/bulgaria-european-silicon – Bulgaria is European Silicon valley

bulged.wordpress.com/2009/07/15/12 – 12 основни правила за създаване на лого

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css-tricks.com/positioning-offset-background-images – Positioning Offset Background Images

webdesignerdepot.com/15-css-blend-modes-that-will-supercharge-your-images – 15 CSS blend modes for images

codepen.io/githiro/pen/Aqhwc –  CSS3 Animated buttons

sapegin.github.io/social-likes – Single style social like buttons with counters for jQuery: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and also popular Russian social networks.

www.cssauthor.com/adobe-illustrator-text-effects-tutorials – Adobe Illustrator Text Effects Tutorials

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tympanus.net/codrops/elastic-svg-elements – Elastic svg elements

webdesign.tutsplus.com/calc-grids-are-the-best-grids – CSS calc() – calculations to determine CSS property values

psdtowp.net/css-preprocessors.html – CSS preproccessors – everything you probably need to know.

http://codeitdown.com/ordered-list-css-styles/ – Ordered List CSS Styles

www.google.com/design/spec/material-design -Material design – a design language developed by Google

material.cmiscm.cominteractive experiences for Google’s Material Design Principles

www.mozilla.org/firefox/developer – Firefox Developer Edition

styleguides.io – Website Style Guide Resources

webdesignledger.com/howto-remove-photo-bg-with-pen-tool – How To Remove the Background from a Photo with the Photoshop Pen Tool?

cuttingedgelogos.tumblr.com/post/105508029146 – How to design a logo? 😉

free.type.org.ua/pribambas – free font with cyrillic support

gizmodo.com/mysterious-russian-malware-is-infecting-over-100-000 – Mysterious Russian malware is infecting 100,000+ WordPress sites

sitecheck.sucuri.net – Free Website Malware and Security Scanner